Who We Are

CVP Group is an independent training provider est. 2018 as a consultancy business supporting further education. We decided to follow our passion which is supporting and developing others. In 2020 we started delivering apprenticeships. We now specialise in professional coaching apprenticeships, organisational coaching and train people how to coach in the workplace.

Meet the Team

Adam Ariff

Skills Director

I was frustrated with the speed that large apprenticeship providers operated and how responsive they were to employers’ needs.

I believe education and professional development should be accessible for everyone, whatever their stage of life or circumstances.

My journey started as a part qualified assessor for a training provider. Here, I went on to achieve my A1 Assessor qualification, before becoming a qualified trainer and then manager.

As I moved into senior roles for a training provider, I realised the structure of larger providers was unresponsive to employer and apprentice needs.

This inspired my vision which is to build strong relationships with employers to personalise our offer.

CVP Group started off as a further education consulting business before moving into delivery.

We have changed our offer significantly over past two years and are now focused on delivering quality Recruitment and Professional Coaching training.

Part of our education offer is to build resilience and improve mindset.

Many people come to us worried about maths and English qualifications, but once they’ve achieved these skills and pass their exams, they realise it’s the thought of doing it that’s the barrier and not the actual doing of it. We apply this shift in mindset to all areas of learning.

I love working with corporations that have ambitious people plans and growth targets and identifying how educating employees can support those ambitions.

A bit more about Adam…    

  • Was a certified fitness coach
  • Advisory board member for Parkdean resorts employment programmes
  • Prolific social media content creator on business, money and mindset

I am still currently advising and offering consultancy services in further education on a case-by-case basis. Spaces are currently very limited but if you would like to discuss further, please submit your request through our contact page.

Yasmin Ariff

Head of Quality

I experienced the impact of coaching when I was at a crossroads in my life. That got me wondering, how could everyone get free access to coaching?

My brother, Adam, and I have a shared interest in education. I think this is why our career paths have crossed.

I’ve worked in the education sector for over sixteen years. I’d advanced into leadership roles but started to question my direction. That’s when I found coaching. Having someone deeply listen and hold a safe space for me to talk was a completely new experience. I also liked that it was future focused, helping me to plot my own path forward.

But it’s not an affordable option for everyone.

Everyone deserves a coach in my opinion, and the government funded Coaching Apprenticeship is a way to achieve this.

It would be transformational if it was the norm to have a coach in every workplace. We’re used to hearing clichés like ‘believe in yourself’ and ‘follow your dreams’. But really, how do you do that? Coaching provides practical steps to realise these abstract concepts. ‘Life changing’ is another cliché that’s bandied about, but coaching really has been for me, and I’ve seen how it is for others.

Outside of work, yoga is very important for me too. Its philosophy is very similar to coaching: both aim to ground you, in a non-judgemental and quiet space. They bring you back to your purpose, your own ‘why’.

A bit more about Yasmin…

  • Qualified yoga instructor.
  • Also a qualified fitness instructor
  • Meditates everyday
  • Ran London marathon
  • Lived in UAE for 5 years

Sarah Jones

Coaching Engagement Lead

Hi I’m Sarah Jones, Coaching Engagement Lead for CVP Group.

In a Nutshell…

As an accomplished Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, Account Manager, Digital Advertising Consultant and a successful Senior Recruitment Consultant, my career has always been heavily sales-based, target driven for nearly twenty years.

A proven track record of success in meeting ambitious commercial sales targets and managing individuals and teams to do the same.

My working style is structured, targeted and commercial, which I combine with strong people skills and a warm, engaging personality to build great working relationships with colleagues and

What do you enjoy about training?

The challenge that training others can offer as no two people learn, develop and grow in the same way or at the same speed—the opportunity to shape someone’s professional and personal development. Sharing my learning, my experiences to help people achieve a skill set that will enable them to be the best they can be is incredibly rewarding. As a trainer, you are constantly learning; it’s part of your responsibilities to improve continuously.

Career Highlights

In recruitment, by working hard and focusing on my client’s needs and wants, I fully staffed a Car Body Shop from a cold start of zero staff.

I secured fully qualified and vastly experienced Painters, Panel Beaters, MET Technicians, Parts Advisor and support staff with only 6 weeks to opening day. This was a great financial success for the company I worked for and resulted in us gaining the contract to staff their other four huge sites strategically placed around the country.

In Sales, I utilised the sales programme of Nissan GB to sell 10% of Nissan’s 350Z sales budget for the whole year. I did this from a small family run dealership with 3 sales staff, of which I was one. I was outselling major Fleet Departments in other dealers by spotting an opportunity to market and sell where others did not.

From this, I gained a reputation throughout Nissan GB as one of their top sales people. This also secured me a shoo-in for the Sales Manager role at Oldham Nissan and group Contract Hire Specialist.

What do you enjoy about recruitment?

Making placements, which of course, brought personal financial rewards, but it also meant that you’ve helped people achieve a sought after position or a fresh start. Also, finding that needle in a haystack that other recruiters didn’t find. Mainly because I had listened to the brief that my client would give me and took it on board, so that when I was sending candidates to them, they were quick to invite them for an interview and usually quick to offer, that was always great.

I really liked that recruitment and sales itself allowed me to be me, to use my personality and people skills to get to where I wanted to be, at the same time giving people what they want, whether that be a shiny new car, a great new job or passing on my skills to enrich other people’s lives for the better.

A bit more about Sarah…

  • Youtube content creator uncovering long lost history 
  • Lived off grid in a Caravan
  • Camped in the mountains of Albania
  • Taken a maiden voyage from Southampton to New York from the same dock as Titanic

Jonathan Roberts

Senior Administrator

I started working in education because I thought it would be an interesting area to work in and knowing we can help improve people’s education leads to job satisfaction.

Working in education has also allowed me to develop and gain further qualifications. At CVP I am the Senior Administrator, so I ensure the administrative side of the business is completed effectively and efficiently, allowing others to solely focus on the delivery of our Apprenticeships.

A bit more about Jonathan…

  • Enjoys cooking and trying new recipes
  • Loves taking his dog on walks
  • Favourite place to visit is York for all its history


Functional Skills Tutor

I enjoying supporting apprentices to achieve their Functional Skills.

As a training provider we do so much more than just provide training. We provide people with the skills they need to thrive in their careers and personal lives. Chantal’s role is no different. Whether it’s maths or English support our apprentices’ needs, Chantal is on hand to provide one-to-one support for people at all stages of their development. 

If you are worried about maths and English, rest assured you are in safe hands with Chantal’s guidance and support.

I am a Functional Skills Officer with significant experience in delivering Functional Skills Maths and English in a college and for private training providers. I have also created and delivered training within the care sector.
My hobbies include travelling and listening to music. I also have a passion for writing children’s stories and once had one turned into a podcast which was narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch. I enjoying supporting apprentices to achieve their Functional Skills.

Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors are responsible for overseeing the management and strategic direction of CVP. We are very lucky to have such a wealth of experience and challenge in our strategic leadership team.

Board meetings operate 3 times yearly where we review strategic planning, policy, financial oversight, executive oversight, risk management, compliance and quality.

Stephen Lidgard
Debbie Forsythe-Conroy

Our Values

Be Creative

We encourage all apprentices and our team to come up with the most creative and innovative ideas to achieve results

Show integrity

We believe in doing the right thing for our people, apprentices, trusted partners and employers.

Remain focused

By staying focused we can deliver efficiencies and maximise effectiveness for all apprentices and business partners.