Warehouse Tutor


Role Title


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Reports to:

Operations Manager

Pay Band


  1. To manage the curriculum and learning process with learner groups from start through to certification.
  1. Delivery of all parts of the enrolment documentation and all aspects of the apprenticeship and coaching qualifications, including support in maths and English.
  1. Achievement of enrolment targets for accurate completion of ESF and ESFA funded paperwork including timely submission.
  1. Achievement of qualifications within funded timescales.
  1. Achievement of company aspirational overall success rates, timely success rates and retention rates for learners.
  1. Compliance to carry out all company processes as laid down by ‘Standards and Curriculum’ and Quality.
  1. To understand and play an active role in curriculum development and standardisation processes.
  1. Ensure all courses are delivered in line with agreed schedules of delivery including the facilitation of initial assessment and providing robust personalised support plans for all learners.
  1. To undertake any other duties as deemed necessary by the Line Manager
  1. To complete all courses in line with company methodology and understand and create schemes of work and lesson plans.
  1. To ensure all paperwork is completed correctly before submission, ensuring that portfolios are assessed and returned within company timeframes.
  1. Manage client/partner relationships on site and represent the business to a high standard working ethically and with integrity.
  1. Maintain tutor caseload recruiting learners where required



The following criteria are essential, the candidate must:

  1. have the ability to use Microsoft office tools effectively and be able to use Microsoft Excel and Outlook to a good standard.
  2. have an excellent command of English and be able to clearly communicate over the phone and in writing.
  3. competences required:
  1. L2 Warehouse and Storage or equivalent experience
  2. proven experience of delivering and writing curriculum




  1. Internal Quality Assurance or equivalent qualification
  2. MHE/Reach ITSSAR or equivalent license(s)
  3. Level 4 PTLLS or equivalent teaching qualification




  1. Demonstrate the ability to be able to work independently and remotely.
  1. A willingness and attitude to learn and develop themselves personally and professionally.
  1. Excellent communication skills both written and oral.
  1. A requirement for interpersonal skills.
  1. Proven ability to pay attention to detail.
  1. Possesses a positive and can do attitude.

This role description describes (but does not limit) the main duties and responsibilities of the job role. These are subject to variation by the employer as is necessary to respond to changes both internal & external.