What We Do

Pre-Employment Training

Our programmes focus on short interventions with those that are relatively close to the labour market and in between work. We work directly with employers to make their pre-induction process more dynamic to ensure those new employees are ready to start their new job with focus and belief that they are going to work for an employer that is prepared to invest in them. Programmes vary from 1 day to 3 weeks.

Left: video reel of our Induction Plus programme with PMP Recruitment preparing candidates for a working life at Amazon distribution centre


Apprenticeships have change massively over recent years. Employers with a payroll over £3m are expected to contribute towards 0.5% of their annual pay roll bill. Smaller employers are expected to make a 5% contribution towards the cost. Despite being 2 years in many companies still have large amounts of unused funding in their account and are unsure of their options. CVP work with one of the widest network of high quality apprenticeship providers and offer an independant assessment of the most suitable solutions to develop your future talent.

Workforce Development

It is not only our goal to place candidates with you but to follow them with you through their developmental journey and help shape them into talent for the future. One of the ways we do this is by offering certifications to your employees in a wide range of areas that could be sector specific or related to future leaders. The Future Me programme focuses on mindset, behaviours and beliefs and is designed at operative level. With a range of programmes designed to help improve maths, English and more we have a wide variety of developmental tools to improve your workforce efficiency. In most cases this is at no cost to the employer as it is offset by European Social Funding.

Recruitment Solutions

CVP provide an onsite managed service solution that offers an alternative to traditional agency staff. We create and design customised assessment days that allow the applicants to get a feel for the company they could be potentially going to work for. By working with our clients we take away the hard work of phone calls, chasing documents and recruitment tests by conducting these onsite for our clients. Our focus is largely on volume recruitment generally suitable for a logistics  or manufacturing environment. Our staff often take part in our clients induction themselves and provide site tours as part of our assessment days.