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We recognise why people want to work, stay and grow with your businesses. Whether it’s company culture, skills gaps or strategic thinkers, we cover it all.

As a independent training provider we are uniquely placed in the market offer both consultancy and advisor services to support employers people development strategy and we offer training to support any gaps the may be limiting your growth.

CVP Group is on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers meaning it has met the financial and quality diligence required to deliver nationally accredited apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships for Employers

Levy paying employers
  • Have an annualised payroll of £3m or more.
  • Pay a 0.05% levy (tax) on payroll.
  • 5% contribution paid after levy funds have been utilised
Non Levy paying employers
  • Have an annualised payroll of £3m or less.
  • Pay a 5% apprenticeship contribution per program
  • (i.e. for a £3000 apprenticeship the employer will contribute £150.

Apprenticeship Pathways

We offer 2 pathways to our apprenticeship programmes. We recognise that every organisation is different and have over time invested differently into their own internal staff development. We can offer apprenticeships ‘off-the-shelf’ or work closely with you to integrate the apprenticeship program with your learning and development pathway. We always aim to work with you as a lot of business can be intimidated by external companies reviewing their internal training. It is our goal to complement and enhance for the greater benefit of the company people and culture. Want to know more about what an apprenticeships are and how they can benefit your business? Check out our FAQ.

CVP Group offer apprenticeships in:

Professional Services
Health and Social Care

Consultancy Services

Employers can often be confused by the levy or even feel that apprenticeships right now should not part of their development pathway. CVP Consult is a division within CVP Group that provide commercially paid services to support employers with:

Improved retention

Skills and talent strategies

Senior leadership training

Company culture

Public / Levy funding

Development of internal and external development programmes

Apprenticeship FAQs

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