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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

 A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction concerning a CVP Group product or service.  CVP Group take all complaints extremely seriously and all staff are trained and committed to rectify any problem as soon as it is brought to their attention.



The policy and procedures aim to ensure that:

  1. CVP has established a formal process exists whereby customers and stakeholders can provide feedback or log a complaint, the feedback of which forms part of our continuous improvement.
  2. CVP and the board of director are accountable for responding to concerns and complaints in a consistently appropriate and timely manner outlined within the complaints policy, which is designed to be fair and transparent.
  3. To ensure that all staff and departments are made aware of the nature of the opportunity, have the information to appropriately investigate and provide feedback.
  4. Staff are within their rights as part of the complains policy to respond to complaints and will do so appropriately in a safe and supportive environment.
  5. The organisation meets the regulatory standards outlined by any external bodies in relation to commercial or funded education and adheres to best practice.


Complaint Process


It is recognised that a customer who has a complaint dealt with to their complete satisfaction is likely to become a repeat customer.  Therefore we ask that if you are dissatisfied with the service you have received that you bring this to our attention as soon as possible by speaking to your course tutor or coach in the first instance (stage 1)


Should this fail to provide you with a satisfactory resolution, or you feel it is inappropriate to address your complaint to the course tutor or coach then please contact the operations manager via one of the following options (stage 2):


Call: 0161 706 1053


Write to: Skills Director, CVP Group, The Old Mill House, Deakin Business Park, Bolton, BL7 9RP


When you contact us, please give us do so using our complaints template found at and include any Copies of any papers or letters to do with the complaint.


CVP Group ask that you raise your complaint as soon as possible after the event so that we have the opportunity to investigate fully.  The Operations Manager will investigate your complaint and respond to you within the timescales outlined below.




Appealing after an initial complaint has been raised


In the unlikely event that you remain unhappy after your complaint has been investigated and a decision reached then you may escalate your complaint to our Operations Director. Please include any further items for consideration and state clearly why you remain unhappy with the decision taken so far.  The Operations Director will investigate in full and respond to you within the time frame below (stage 3):


The Skills Director can be contacted on:

Call: 0161 706 1053


Write to:


This will be the final route of escalation within our company.  Therefore, if you remain unhappy after following our own internal complaints procedure and your complaint refers to services you have received relating to your course and achieving your qualification then please contact the Awarding Organisation directly.  The Awarding Organisation is Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) and their complaint policy can be located on their website: Alternatively please speak to the HABC team on 0845 2260350.


Should you address your complaint to HABC and remain unhappy with the outcome you may then raise your complaint to the relevant qualification regulator.  Either a representative of CVP Group or HABC will be able to offer you guidance on the appropriate qualification regulator in each instance and provide contact details (stage 4).


If you have any queries about the contents of this policy, please contact the Angela Hallett-Blair directly on email


Nature of complaint & timescales


Where any learner, customer or stakeholder has expressed dissatisfaction of failing to have their needs met, in particular regards to their progress in learning, the organisation will complete and investigation when a complaint is logged.


Where a professional resolution cannot be found through informal mediation CVP have several stages intended to remedy the complaint and provide a mutually beneficial resolution.


Stage 1 does not require notification in writing but is addressed prior to formalising a complaint and can be done by raising the concern with the tutor. This will be addressed within 48 hrs. Stage 2 should an informal process not be sufficient to address the on-going concerns the complaint should be made in writing using CVP Complaint form and submitted by email or writing to the Head of Performance and Planning within 10 days. The complainant should articulate as clearly and concisely the details of the complaint and what their expectations are in order to remedy the matter. Stage 3 will require the operations director to be permitted a reasonable time to response which will be done in writing either directly to the complainant or through the departmental manager within 7 working days.


Managing Complaints


It’s the responsibility of the department heads to monitor on a quarterly basis the level of complaints and patterns or trends. Any deviations away from the mean volume or severity should be escalated to the operations director who will review at the next board meeting.


The feedback from the findings will be covered through a quarterly board meeting and viewed in light of the feedback from courses and training that has taken place over the last 12-month period to provider a balanced report on the findings.

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