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Recruitment Resourcer

Duration: 12 Months
Qualification: Level 2 Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing & Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing
Apprentices must achieve level 1 English and maths where they do not have an equivalent qualification.

This Apprenticeship is suitable for organisations operate an in-house recruitment function or operate in a role supplying staff to external organisations. The role of the Recruitment Resourcer is to identify, attract and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process to fulfil the requirements of the business brief and provide resourcing support to the recruitment function.

A career in recruitment can appeal to individuals who possess an entrepreneurial outlook, providing opportunities for high earning potential and professional development.


What will they learn?

This apprenticeship has been designed to give your employee the required training to become an effective Recruitment Resourcer. In addition to identifying and attracting candidates, they will become a well-rounded recruitment team member identifying new business opportunities, liaising effectively with candidates and the wider business, whilst ensuring all processes, procedures, codes of ethics and legislation are adhered to.


How will they learn?

Our Skills Coaches will deliver a blended approach to learning and coaching providing all the resources your employee needs. Our intuitive e-portfolio and learner management platform will enable apprentices and manager to access their work anytime anywhere to fit around their working life.

Skills Coaches will deliver learning, provide coaching and programme resources to develop candidates’ skills, knowledge and behaviours in the following key areas:


Apprentices will develop knowledge in the following areas:

  • Candidate attraction & selection
  • Legal & regulatory
  • Codes of practice
  • Job related KPIs & performance
  • Recruitment industry & models
  • Sales techniques
  • Employee rights



Along with creating compelling job adverts candidates will learn how to:

  • Effectively process of applications
  • Shortlist suitable candidates
  • Assist with selection process
  • Initiate, build & maintain candidate relationships
  • Develop recruitment resourcing plan
  • Complete compliance and background checks
  • Provide candidate support
  • Deliver professional & constructive feedback

Apprentices will work on the developing the following positive behaviours:

  • Tenacity and resilience
  • Self-motivation & organisation
  • Innovation & drive
  • Good questioning and listening


Recruitment Resourcer Apprenticeship Overview

Programme Delivery


At the start of your programme you will be assigned a qualified tutor who will support and build upon the foundation of skills, knowledge and behaviours to improve overall understanding and recruitment competencies.

One to One Tutorials

Delivered online and in person to support you to further develop your recruitment knowledge, skills and behaviours. This will always be arranged to suit the needs, wants of the apprentice and those of the organisation.

Distance Learning / Self-Study

Completion of self-study on a range of theories, models and techniques to embed learning and demonstrate knowledge. Briefings, guidance, and resources are provided, accessible 24 hours a-day through an online learning platform.

Work Product/Shadowing

The achievement of the Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing and NVQ Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing, both at level 2, are mandatory for the Recruitment Resourcer Apprenticeship. Along with work shadowing these improve understanding and competencies in the recruitment sector.

Essential Skills (Exam)

The achievement of Functional Skills and transferrable skills for today’s business environment in English and maths at level 1 are a requirement for the achievement of this apprenticeship if exemptions cannot be provided. Delivered with contextualised learning while on program.

End-Point Assessment

To achieve the overall Standard, there will be required to demonstrate the knowledge and skills and behaviours as a Recruitment Resourcer through a project based assigned and a professional discussion with an End-Point Assessment Organisation.

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